Rio Las Vegas Pet Policy

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Are you planning a stay at the brilliant Rio Hotel in Las Vegas and wish to bring your furry friend along?

You are probably wondering what the Rio Las Vegas pet policy is.

Finding hotels that accommodate pets can be a daunting task. Policies surrounding pet acceptances are different everywhere.

Wouldn’t it be disheartening to leave your pet behind just because the hotel you prefer doesn’t have the space for it?

Rio Las Vegas Pet-Friendly Accommodations

As part of the ‘PetStay Program’, Caesars Entertainment offers pet-friendly accommodations in the heart of Las Vegas.

One of these pet-friendly hotels that attracts many is the Rio Las Vegas.

pet friendly petstay
PetStay Description
  • The hotel’s pet policy allows guests to bring up to two dogs per room.
  • Each dog should weigh no more than 50 pounds.

Rio Las Vegas caters to the dogs’ needs by providing food and water dishes mats disposable waste bags and treats at check-in.

The hotel also features a designated pet relief area for walking the dogs.

This area is located on the north side of the Masquerade parking structure.

It is unique within Caesars Entertainment properties due to its grass materials as opposed to the usual astro turf.

It’s highly recommended for guests with pets to request even numbered rooms on South facing sides at the 4th level of the Masquerade Tower as they are most suitable for pet stays.

Maximum of Two Dogs per Room

The Rio Las Vegas pet policy stipulates that each room can accommodate a maximum of two dogs.

This restriction is adhere to them strictly to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for both humans and pets.

Each dog in the room should be crated when left alone or during housekeeping.

This is to ensure that the dog is both safe and comfortable and that the rooms remain clean and well-maintained.

In-room crates are also a security measure to ensure that the dogs do not wander off unattended as the hotel has detailed guidelines about keeping dogs on leashes when in public areas.

Moreover security measures are ramped up due to the occasional issues with the room doors not closing properly often caused by Dog In Room signs hanging awkwardly on door handles.

Also check out whether pets are allowed on Fremont Street or if kids are allowed in casinos.

Fee For Pet Accommodations

When planning your stay at Rio Las Vegas it is important to note the associated fee for pet accommodations.

At Rio like other properties managed by Caesars Entertainment there’s a nightly fee that can range from $75 to $100 depending upon the hotel and room.

The pet policy at the Rio Las Vegas allows maximum two dogs each up to 50 pounds per room.

These fee will cover the amenities provided for your pet.

For more info you can read this real user experience shared on tripadvisor.

Dog-Friendly Amenities Provided

For the comfort of pets Rio Las Vegas provides various dog-friendly amenities on your check-in.

  • Treats and food: For the culinary needs of your canine companions a selection of treats and food is provided.
  • Water bowls and clean-up bags: To maintain cleanliness and ensure hydration water bowls and clean-up bags are provided.
  • Pet relief area: To give your pets a space to unwind and relax Rio Las Vegas provides a grass pet relief area situated on the north side of the Masquerade parking structure unlike other Caesars Entertainment properties that often use astro turf for this purpose.
  • Room suggestions: The hotel suggests that guests with pets choose even numbered rooms on the south side of the 4th floor of the Masquerade Tower for their stay

Various precautions are taken to ensure the safety and comfort of the pets as well as the guests staying at Rio Las Vegas.

Guidelines And Restrictions For Pets

Rio Las Vegas prides itself as a pet-friendly hotel under the PetStay Program by Caesars Entertainment.

The pet policy encourages guests to bring their furry companions along for a fun-filled Vegas experience in a safe and clean environment.

However some restrictions apply as part of the Rio Las Vegas pet policy. Each hotel room can accommodate up to two dogs with a maximum weight of 50 pounds each.

Rio Las Vegas Pet Policy

Cats and other pet types are unfortunately not allowed.

At check-in guests will receive treats food water bowls and clean-up bags for their pets. But any damages caused by pets are the responsibility of the guests.

Failure to adhere may lead to additional cleaning charges or even eviction.

What Else Do They Offer

For the comfort of the pets the hotel provides amenities such as pet beds and water bowls.

It’s crucial that guests notify the hotel of their pets during reservation given the limited availability of pet-friendly rooms.

While dogs are permitted in the hotel premises the pet policy requires dogs to be leashed in public areas.

When left alone in the room or during housekeeping dogs should be safely crated.

The pets can enjoy some fresh air in the designated pet relief area found on the ground level of the hotel.

Unlike other Caesars Entertainment properties that use astroturf, the Rio has a unique grass pet relief area.

The 4th level of the Masquerade Tower’s South side, particularly even numbered rooms, is highly recommended for pet stays.

Guests are charged a non-refundable pet fee at varying rates depending on the number of dogs and duration of the stay.

Please keep in mind that any violation of the pet policy may lead to additional fees for the guest.

Final Words

In conclusion the Rio Las Vegas is definitely a pet-loving hotel.

With these transparent guidelines and restrictions for pets guests and their furry friends are assured a fun and safe stay.

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