Is Gambling Allowed On Youtube?

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With the growing prevalence of online platforms such as YouTube many people find themselves asking “Is gambling allowed on YouTube?

This question has garnered attention for a variety of reasons particularly the expansion of online gambling channels.

youtube gambling

Understanding YouTube’s policies on these kinds of activities can be challenging given the platform’s vast user policy and community guidelines.

Is Gambling Allowed On Youtube

YouTube comes with strict guidelines regulating different types of content.

However it appears that gambling is not specifically addressed in YouTube’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

I found this:

Despite this there have been instances where YouTube banned channels featuring gambling content without advance warning causing significant disruptions and raising the question ‘is gambling allowed on YouTube? ‘.

This is what they say:

While there has been speculation that affiliate links to online casinos or unverified URLs have triggered account closures YouTube’s explanations for account terminations have typically been vague and unclear.

Popular gambling channels like those of prominent figures such as Brian Christopher and TheBigJackpot have suffered from such actions.

Guidelines For Prohibited Content

YouTube’s prohibitions extend to the selling or direct linking of regulated goods and services including unapproved sports betting sites or online poker platforms.

Failure to comply could result in content removal and a warning or strike against the channel.

Three strikes within 90 days would escalate to complete account closure with extreme or repeated breaches potentially bringing about immediate termination.

Moreover channels dedicated to policy violations such as featuring dark web access links forged official document sales or unlicensed medical services receive severe enforcement action.

This includes but is not limited to content related to counterfeit passports selling or advertising restricted goods like dr*gs firearms or es*ort services.

What Happens If You Violate The Policy

YouTube has strict guidelines regarding the content you can upload on the platform. Violation of these policies will result in serious action on your channel.

Posting content that directly sells or links to regulated goods/services is strictly prohibited.

Some examples of such content include linking to unapproved gambling and sports betting sites promoting counterfeit passports and advertising escort or drug services.

Is Gambling Allowed On Youtube

If you go against these policies it might result in several penalties such as content removal. YouTube issues a warning or a strike against your channel if you violate their guidelines.

A crucial thing to note is that three strikes within 90 days will lead to your channel’s termination. For repeated violations or severe abuse your channel or account could be terminated immediately.

The recent decision to ban channels featuring gambling content was a surprise to many and their explanations were often considered vague and uninformative.

Some speculate that YouTube was mainly concerned about affiliate links to online casinos or unverified URLs.

YouTube’s actions have already led to a significant amount of uncertainty and frustration with several content creators losing a small income they were earning from their channels.

Exploring Alternative Video Sites

Recent crackdowns have led content creators to explore alternative video sites such as and Patreon.

If YouTube doesn’t change its policies and improve the way it handles communication some users could potentially shift to these platforms.

These platforms offer similar features for content creators and have their own set of rules and regulations.

For instance Twitch has its own terms of service but there is nothing there that expressly forbids gambling on live streams as long as you aren’t promoting unapproved gambling sites.

Keep in mind that online gambling regulations differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so what may be permissible in one place might be illegal in another.

Gambling Rules And Regulations

YouTube is known for cracking down on content deemed outside its Community Guidelines including those related to gambling.

Posting content that directly promotes gambling sites or links to regulated goods and services is explicitly prohibited under YouTube’s policies.

YouTube’s actions against gambling-related content have resulted in account closures and strikes against channels.

Examples of prohibited content on YouTube include linking to online casinos advertising counterfeit passports unlicensed medical services and promoting escort or drug services.

Violations of these regulations can lead to the removal of content warnings or even strikes against the creator’s channel.

Severe abuse of these policies can result in the immediate termination of the channel or account.

Blocked Channels

In recent times YouTube has been noted for blocking popular channels that feature gambling content without advance warning.

In some cases content creators speculate that affiliate links to online gambling sites instigated the bans or not properly verifying URLs in their video descriptions.

An interesting point to note is the disparity in YouTube’s enforcement action. Some blocked channels have been reinstated while others have not faced such luck.

This lack of transparency has caused consternation among creators leading many to consider alternative video sites like and Patreon.

Should You Cover Gambling Topics?

The gamble of whether or not to include gambling content in live streams on YouTube has led to a lot of uncertainty among creators.

Some believe that as long as it’s the individual user doing the gambling and not promoting unapproved sites it doesn’t violate the Terms of Service.

However the reality remains in grey areas due to the various online gambling regulations in different jurisdictions.

Content creators on YouTube are left in a dilemma on one hand they want to engage with their audience through content they love. On the other hand they face the threat of disruptions and potential penalties from YouTube’s policies on gambling content.

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