Is Borgata Pet Friendly?

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For the frequent travelers and pet owners the question often arises: is Borgata pet friendly?

Those who can’t bear leaving their furry companions back home while they enjoy a break this has probably crossed your mind a number of times.

Well if you’ve been trying to figure this out you’re definitely not alone.

But here’s a question to ponder: What if the hospitality toward your pet isn’t just about whether it’s allowed in but whether it feels welcomed and comfortable?

Is Borgata Pet Friendly

Is Borgata Pet Friendly?

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa located in the lively city of Atlantic City NJ is currently not pet-friendly. This policy has been effective since June 19 2019 marking a significant policy change.

Prior to this date the hotel did allow dogs up to 50 pounds with an additional per night fee. It’s now vital to note that non-service animals are not permitted.

Service dogs on the other hand are welcomed given they are registered at the time of the reservation and are confirmed at check-in.

Other casinos in the area such as Harrah’s remain pet-friendly which may be a satisfying alternative if you are looking to vacation with your furry friend in Atlantic City.

Pet Policy Of Borgata

The current Borgata pet policy dictates that only registered service animals are allowed. Proof of registration is required at the moment of reservation as well as at the check-in at the hotel.

The old policy of allowing dogs weighing up to 50 lbs with an additional fee per night is no longer valid. This policy was discontinued in the summer of 2019 presumably due to issues with irresponsible pet owners.

While this sudden change in policy has disappointed many those with severe allergies or concerns about cleanliness have found the new pet policy to be a welcoming change. Regardless it’s best to call and confirm Borgata’s pet policy when planning your trip.

Pet Friendly Hotels In Atlantic City

Atlantic City popular amongst many for its array of casino hotels has a few pet friendly options for travellers. For those looking for alternatives to Borgata there are a few options to consider.

Take Harrah’s for instance. As one of the Marriott hotels near Borgata Harrah’s is also pet friendly.

This is a contrast to Borgata who made a sudden change in its pet policy back in April 2019 from being pet-friendly to only allowing registered service animals.

Another option could be Showboat a renowned casino hotel in Atlantic City. Like Harrah’s Showboat still maintains a pet friendly policy unlike Borgata.

Please note whilst it’s always best to call these hotels to confirm each does stipulate an additional per night fee for pet accommodation.

Service Dogs At Borgata

Borgata’s policy change in April 2019 mainly affected everyday pet owners. Service animals however are still welcome at this casino hotel.

The new policy only allows service animals that are registered at the time of reservation and check-in. This means that pet owners with service dogs can still enjoy a stay at Borgata without any challenges.

As part of this change on-site facilities such as a pet relief area within the hotel might not be provided. Thus it’s best for guests traveling with service animals to explore surrounding areas for pet relief options.

Again to ensure a smooth experience it’s always best to call Borgata’s customer care team and double-check all details before making a reservation.

Nearby Pet Friendly Locations

While the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa changed its pet policy and stopped being pet-friendly in June 2019 there are other casinos in Atlantic City still welcoming pets. Harrah’s for instance allows pets and is located near the Borgata.

Keeping with its commitment towards disability aid Borgata does allow service dogs if they have been registered at the time of reservation and confirmed at check-in. Understandably this may not be ideal for all pet owners.

Another alternative around the city is the Ocean Resort which is also reported to be pet-friendly. It is always best to call each hotel directly to confirm the specificities of their pet policy before making a reservation.

In addition it is wise to review security policies for every hotel ensuring a secure site connection and attentively noting the JavaScript and cookies requirements for online booking purposes.

In the event you cannot find a pet-friendly casino hotel Atlanta City also offers several dog-friendly locations. There are local parks and outdoor spaces where well-behaved leashed dogs are welcome.

They even host dog festivals in the summer!

Be it small barking dogs or a well-trained pet ensure they adhere to the hotel’s policy for everyone’s convenience and respect for individuals with severe allergies.

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