Harrah’s Cherokee Pet Policy

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If you’re wondering about the Harrah’s Cherokee Pet Policy you’ve landed at the right spot.

We know how important your furry friends are to you and finding pet-friendly places can be a struggle.

Most importantly when you’re trying to enjoy at a gambling resort like Harrah’s Cherokee.

But how does this resort really accommodate our four-legged companions?

Harrah'S Cherokee Pet Policy

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort: Pet Policy

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is a pet-friendly location that allows guests to enjoy a vacation with their canine friends. The resort’s PetStay Policy states that a maximum of two dogs per room are allowed with a combined weight limit of 50 pounds.

It mandates a $100 refundable deposit and a $75 + tax fee per night. Services such as crate rentals and a pet relief area are available for the convenience of pet owners.

The pet rooms equipped for canine comfort are located in the Soco tower and classified as “smoking” rooms.

To enter the PetStay program available only for dogs visit the Front Desk for rule acceptance and for a Welcome Treat for your pet. Canine guests also receive a food and water bowl and a duffle bag with biodegradable waste bags.

It’s important to note that Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort’s pet policy is that dogs should be crated when left alone in the room. Owners are also required to leave a contact number at the front desk and sign a waiver upon pet registration.

Pet Rules At Harrah’s Cherokee

The Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort mandates that all dogs be kept on a leash at all times when in common areas. This maintains the security of all guests and preserves the performance and cleanliness of the facilities.

Under the resort’s pet policy dogs are not allowed in Food & Beverage areas retail shops spa the casino floor or any of the gaming facilities.

When making PetStay room reservations these can be done effectively through the Caesar’s Reservation Service. This ensures that guests can access the limited pet rooms and that the common areas and restaurants maintain a pet-free environment.

The rule regarding walking dogs states that dogs must be walked in the designated areas. With such rules Harrah’s Cherokee insists on standard deposits and rules to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free stay for all guests and their pets.

Pet-Friendly Rooms At Harrah’S Cherokee

Planning a trip to Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort with your pet? Good news the resort part of Caesar’s Entertainment offers pet rooms for your furry friends.

These rooms are located within the Soco tower and interestingly are designating as “smoking” rooms. The pet policy requires a $100 refundable deposit along with a $75 + tax fee.

The condition however is that each room is limited to two dogs with a combined maximum weight of 50 pounds. It’s also worthwhile to note that the rooms can be booked through the Caesar’s Reservation Service.

Given the limited number of pet-friendly rooms it is advised to make the reservation in advance to secure a room for your pet.

Canine Guests At Harrah’S Cherokee

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort now offers limited PetStay rooms for our canine guests. With a generous weight limit of 50 pounds for two dogs your pets can relax in comfort.

On arrival your furry companions will receive a “Welcome Treat” a food and water bowl and a useful duffle bag containing biodegradable waste bags.

While the pet policy allows pets in common areas they must be on a leash at all times. Areas off-limits to pets include Food & Beverage areas retail shops spa and the casino floor.

If left alone in the room your dogs must be crated and you’re required to leave a contact number at the front desk in addition to signing a waiver.

For those who don’t have a crate the resort provides crate rentals. There is a $75 pet fee per night and crates can be rented for $20 per night.

Make sure you have all the information and are familiar with the pet policy to make your stay – and that of your canine companion – as smooth as possible!

Pet Stay Options At Harrah’S Cherokee

If you want to enjoy a stay at Harrah’s Cherokee with your canine friend there are options available.

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort offers limited PetStay rooms for your convenience. Your dog guests receive a special “Welcome Treat” a duffle bag with biodegradable waste bags and a food and water bowl upon arrival.

These pet-friendly rooms are located in the Soco tower and are currently designated as “smoking” rooms. Every room is limited to welcoming two dogs that have a combined maximum weight of 50 pounds.

With the need to ensure your dog remains under control all canine guests must be on a leash when they are in the resort’s common areas. Dogs are however not allowed in the Food & Beverage areas spa retail shops or the casino floor.

Similarly they cannot be left unattended unless crated.

For any assistance contact the reservation agents of Caesar’s Reservation Service at 1-800-CAESARS (1-800-223-7277).

important to note that there are charges involved in the PetStay Policy. A refundable deposit of $100 a $75 + tax fee per night and a crate rental fee of $20 per night if your dog must be crated.

At Harrah’s Cherokee we understand that your dogs are like family hence our commitment to offering dog-friendly accommodations. Just make sure to leave your contact number at the Front Desk and sign the waiver to complete the reservation process.

All information you need about dog activities resources and the designated pet relief area can be obtained from the Front Desk. Enjoy the connection we provide between you and your furry friend at Harrah’s Cherokee!

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