Excalibur Hotel Pet Policy

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When planning a trip there it’s important to understand the Excalibur Hotel pet policy.

This is crucial for those traveling with their furry friends.

Not knowing the rules could lead to some unpleasant surprises and complications during your stay.

But is this famous hotel truly as pet-friendly as it claims?

Excalibur Hotel Pet Policy

Excalibur Hotel Pet Policy

Acknowledging the love for furry companions the Excalibur Hotel allows guests to bring pets during their stay. The pet policy implemented by the hotel clearly defines rules to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests.

Being sensitive to Latent Semantic Indexing the Excalibur Hotel’s pet policy covers key areas. These include restrictions on weight and number of pets the requirement for up-to-date vaccinations and special guidelines for service animals and exotic pets.

The hotel also maintains a list of specific areas where pets are allowed and areas where they are not. Furthermore the policy stipulates that any damages caused by pets will have to be covered by their owners emphasizing accountability among guests.

Non-Refundable Pet Fee
Guests wishing to bring their pets to the Excalibur Hotel will be charged a non-refundable pet fee. This fee set at $150 per pet is to account for potential cleaning or repairs that may be needed during or after the stay.

Guests should also be prepared to pay an additional $50 per night for each pet. Note that the hotel limits the number of pets per room to two and restricts the weight of each pet to not more than 50 pounds.

These charges are an essential part of the Excalibur Hotel’s effort to maintain a clean and safe environment for all guests ensuring that joys of furry companionship do not impede on other guests’ comfort.

Maximum 2 Pets Per Room

The Excalibur Hotel has implemented a thorough pet policy for their guests. This policy allows each room to have a maximum of 2 pets.

This cap is in place to ensure a comfortable stay for both the guests and their pets.

For those travelling with more than 2 pets prior arrangement should be made. Otherwise additional charges may be levied or entry may be denied.

This measure ensures that the comfort and wellbeing of other guests and their pets are not compromised.

Vaccination Requirement

According to the Excalibur Hotel pet policy pets must meet certain health requirements. The first of these is that all pets must be fully vaccinated.

To confirm this guests are required to provide documented proof of their pet’s vaccinations. This should feature in your pre-check-in preparation.

This rule ensures that all pets at the hotel are protected against communicable diseases. It also seeks to guarantee a safe and disease-free environment within the establishment.

Non-compliance may result in the denial of access or the revocation of pet privileges.

Hotel Policy Description
Maximum 2 pets per room Each room is allowed a maximum of 2 pets. Additional pets require prior arrangements or fees
Vaccination requirement All pets must be fully vaccinated. Documentation for proof is required during check-in
Fee for pets A non-refundable fee of $150 per pet is charged
Pet weight restriction There is a weight restriction of 50 lb. per pet
Pet damages responsibility GUESTS are responsible for any damage caused by their pets and may incur additional fees

Guest Responsibility For Pet Damages

The pet policy at the Excalibur Hotel makes it clear that guests are responsible for any damages caused by their pets. The hotel may also charge further fees for additional cleaning or repairs.

This holds true for the guest’s entire stay under the policy.

This is in-line with the general idea of their Pet policy and follows the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) principle ensuring a safe stay for all guests.

Alongside this if a pet causes a disturbance or poses a risk to other guests or staff members the hotel has the right to revoke pet privileges. It’s important for guests to keep their pets under control at all times to abide by the guidelines.

Excalibur Hotel expects pet owners to respect the environment by maintaining the cleanliness of their pets. There are designated areas within the hotel premises for guests to walk their pets and dispose of waste appropriately.

Any failure to comply with these rules may lead to additional charges in accordance with the Technical words listed in the policies.

Remember the pet policy references that pets need to follow specific guidelines for the wellbeing of all hotel guests.

Therefore ensuring your pet adheres to these guidelines keeps the hotel environment safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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