Casinos That Allow Smoking In Michigan

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If you’re pondering on which casinos that allow smoking in Michigan you should visit look no further.

As controversial as it may be smoking inside some casinos remains a permissible act in Michigan.

Certain establishments have managed to maintain this outdated principle catering to patrons who love to indulge in the game of chance and a cigar in hand simultaneously.

But is this freedom really devoid of any restrictions?

Casinos That Allow Smoking In Michigan

Michigan Casinos Allow Smoking – Changes And Debate

The recent rollback of smoking policies at several Michigan casinos has stirred up a considerable amount of debate. Now places like the Hollywood Casino at Greektown MGM Grand Detroit and Gun Lake Casino are permitting indoor smoking again in specific areas a move that satisfies smokers but sparks health concerns for others.

The suspended smoking ban which was a temporary measure installed during the COVID-19 pandemic has been lifted in select areas. This change has attracted a vociferous group of opponents who argue the exposure to second-hand smoke creates an unsafe environment for casino workers and patrons a point of contention that echoes the ongoing debate surrounding Michigan’s Smoke-Free Indoor Air Law.

Michigan Casinos And Smoking Policies

According to the Detroit Free Press MGM Grand Detroit has designated areas known as “Smoking Slots East and Smoking Slots West” where smoking is permitted. This re-introduction of indoor smoking was based on feedback gathered from guest surveys that suggested there was interest in smoking inside the establishment.

Hollywood Casino at Greektown has adopted similar rules limiting smoking to only the second floor. In contrast MotorCity Casino has maintained a more stringent non-smoking policy not allowing smoking anywhere inside the building.

The debate surrounding the intersect of health and business in the casino industry is not isolated to Michigan. Casino workers in Rhode Island and New Jersey are pushing for a similar ban on indoor smoking signaling a long-standing issue that is far from a resolution.

Controversial Decision: Smoking In Michigan Casinos

The state of Michigan has recently encountered a contentious issue regarding its casino policies. Several establishments have decided to roll back their smoking bans allowing patrons to light up in designated indoor smoking areas.

Notably Hollywood Casino at Greektown MGM Grand Detroit and Gun Lake Casino are among the properties reinstating indoor smoking. These decisions have sparked a significant debate among various stakeholders in the gambling industry.

The reinstatement of smoking has triggered passionate discussions. Many view it as an excellent middle ground accommodating both smokers and non-smokers.

However a vociferous group argues that the practice poses an unsafe environment for casino workers due to potential health complications from secondhand smoke.

Impact of Michigan’s Smoke-Free Indoor Air Law

Interestingly the Michigan’s Smoke-Free Indoor Air Law implemented back in 2010 does not encompass casinos. This loophole has sparked ongoing discussions and disagreements among lawmakers in various jurisdictions.

Indoor Smoking Returns To Michigan Casinos

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Michigan casinos imposed a temporary smoking ban to reduce the spread of the virus — as smoking necessitates the removal of masks. However recent changes have lifted this ban reintroducing smoking inside casino premises.

This change is especially evident in establishments such as the Hollywood Casino at Greektown and MGM Grand Detroit. They now permit smoking in specially designated areas to accommodate patrons who expressed a preference for smoking indoors in guest surveys.

For instance designated smoking areas dubbed “Smoking Slots East” and “Smoking Slots West” have been created inside the MGM Grand Detroit. To mitigate the potential impact of indoor secondhand smoke the casino has installed doors to segregate these areas thereby keeping much of the indoor space non-smoking.

Mixed Reactions to the Resumption of Indoor Smoking

The decision to allow indoor smoking has generated mixed reactions. A key point of contention is whether accommodating smokers is a sustainable path forward.

The outcome of this debate will significantly shape the future of casino floors in Michigan and beyond.

Michigan Casinos: Smoking Ban Reversed

A significant change has taken place within Michigan casinos. Notable properties such as MGM Grand Detroit Hollywood Casino at Greektown and Gun Lake Casino have rolled back their smoking policies now allowing indoor smoking in designated areas.

This retraction of the smoking ban has instigated a contentious debate. Some argue the modification provides a fair middle ground catering to both smokers and non-smokers.

However others claim it creates an unsafe environment for hard-working staff within Michigan casino properties.

The unusual aspect of this smoking ban reversal lies in the stipulations of Michigan’s Smoke-Free Indoor Air Law. Passed in 2010 this legislation interestingly does not apply to land-based venues such as casinos.

This exception has led to ongoing debate and jurisdictional disputes.

An argument directed towards the potential negative impact on business has been presented by opponents of indoor smoking. However non-smoking casinos in areas like Pennsylvania have demonstrated resilience despite concerns.

Impacts of the smoking ban reversal are already evident as both MGM Grand Detroit and Hollywood Casino now permit smoking within designated areas of their buildings sparking renewed interest from guest surveys. These changes are indicative of a temporary ban lift imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic and reinforced upon casino reopening in July.

Contrarily MotorCity Casino stands out by maintaining its zero-tolerance policy towards smoking within its premises. This divergence in casino policies mirrors the wider long-standing issue surrounding smoking bans and permitted smoking areas in US casinos.

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