Daily Briefing – May 18, 2018

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Cuba Now No. 3 Destination for Vietnamese Foreign Investment: Vietnam’s Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) reports that Cuba is now the third biggest international destination for Vietnamese enterprises after Laos and Cambodia. Despite the geographical distance, Vietnamese firms registered to invest $19.9 million in Cuba in the first trimester of 2018, according to FIA. Projects include oil and gas exploration, and diaper and washing powder production in the Mariel Special Economic Development Zone. (Vietnam Plus)

State Department Panel on Cuba Cancelled Due to Rubio Objections: A seminar on Cuba that was scheduled to be presented today by the State Department was postponed following strong objections from GOP politicians, led by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). The seminar, entitled “Cuba under Díaz-Canel,” was intended to present staff with an analysis of Cuba’s current political and economic situation. Sen. Rubio and other anti-Castro Cuban-American politicians said that the seminar, consisting largely of academicians, did not represent their opinion that engagement with Cuba should be shut down. (Miami Herald)

Cuba’s Copyright Laws Protect Private Software Development: Cuba’s emerging software development and internet community, dubbed Azucar Valley (Sugar Valley), does enjoy protection under state copyright laws, says a Miami-based intellectual property rights attorney. In commentary published by the Daily Business Review, attorney Jorge Espinosa outlines Cuba’s copyright laws, which protect independent software developers; no protection is provided for developers who are employed by state enterprises. Espinosa says the biggest software legal gap is a lack of anti-counterfeiting laws. (Daily Business Review)

Badminton Advocate in Cuba Receives International Award: Gervacio Miguel Diaz, recognized as the father of badminton in Cuba, is to receive the World Badminton Federation’s Distinguished Order for founding and fostering the sport in Cuba. Diaz, who founded Cuba’s National Institute for Sports and Physical Education in 1961, introduced the sport to the country. Next year will mark the 20th annual International Giraldilla Tournament in Havana, a regional competition launched by Diaz. The ceremony will take place in Bangkok at the World Badminton Federation’s annual meeting. (Escambray)

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