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cruise leaving from Tampa

Tampa Gets Larger Cruise Ship for Cuba

Increased demand for travel to Cuba has led Royal Caribbean to increase the size of the vessel it uses to sail from the Port of Tampa. Royal Caribbean is bringing The Majesty of the Seas to Tampa, port officials announced yesterday. The Majesty carries 2,350 passengers, an increase of 500 passengers per trip compared to […]

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May Day rally

Cuban Continuity on Display for May Day Rally

In a show of unity, Raúl Castro stood side by side with Cuba’s new President, Miguel Díaz-Canel, during the annual May Day festivities. May Day is celebrated in socialist countries worldwide in support of workers. One of the key speakers at the rally, where hundreds of thousands paraded through Revolution Square, was Ulises Guilarte of […]

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Modern farming

Ag Sales Would Help U.S. Farmers

American farm income has stagnated for three years in a row and needs new export markets, say U.S. Congressmen from Kansas and Arkansas. Opening up the $2 billion food market in Cuba would bring immediate benefits to states such as Kansas and Arkansas, with sales of wheat, rice and corn. Kansas would see an additional […]

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Maduro and Diaz-Canel

Díaz-Canel Meets with Maduro

Reaffirming the alliance between Cuba and Venezuela, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro became the first foreign leader to meet with Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba’s new president. Diaz-Canel was sworn in as president Thursday. Maduro flew to Havana the following day to congratulate Diaz-Canel, meeting with him formally on Saturday. The two nations have been strategic allies since […]

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Diaz Canel

Díaz-Canel to Defend the Revolution

Miguel Díaz-Canel, Cuba’s new president, began his term as the nation’s leader by promising to both defend the Revolution that triumphed in 1959 and to modernize the stalled Cuban economy. Díaz-Canel was elected in a near unanimous vote Wednesday by Cuba’s National Assembly. Yesterday he addressed the assembly with an homage to outgoing president Raul […]

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Raul and Miguel

Cuba Elects New President

Cuba’s National Assembly Elects New President: In a historic transition of power, the National Assembly of Cuba today elected Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel as the nation’s new president. The National Assembly yesterday voted for 31 members of the Council of State, including the new president, but waited until today to announce the results. The results were […]

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Raul Castro’s Economic Reforms a Work in Progress

The reforms that President Raúl Castro initiated to modernize Cuba’s centrally planned economy “have borne mixed results” reports Marc Frank of Reuters. Some are moving forward, others have stalled or been slowed down, others have yet to begin. In agriculture, some progress has been made in leasing land to farmers; small businesses have expanded in […]

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Trump’s Cuba Travel Policies Backfire 

A new summary by the Associated Press of regulations for American travel to Cuba concludes that Trump’s new policies have produced the opposite of their declared intent. When Trump announced that ‘people-to-people’ travel to Cuba would no longer be permitted, many Americans shifted their travel to cruise excursions, with land excursions organized by the government. […]

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street vendors in Havana Cuba

Cuba’s Opportunity: A Mixed Economy

Despite apparent conflicts for whoever will succeed Raul Castro as president of Cuba – namely the need to improve the economy while placating Communist Party hardliners who will resist market reform – the future is not without opportunity. On the one hand, Cuba is in debt, its exports are down, its dual currency remains cumbersome, […]

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