Daily Briefing – September 11, 2017

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A look at how Hurricane Irma impacted Cuba this weekend.

In Cuba, death toll from Irma reaches 10: In spite of its intensive hurricane preparedness program and an evacuation plan that relocated nearly one million people, Cuban authorities reported this morning that the death toll from Hurricane Irma has reached 10. Most of those were attributed to storm surge between the Havana Harbor and the Almendares River, where seawater flowed one third of a mile into residential neighborhoods. Chicago Tribune

Irma passes but Cuba remains waterlogged: Hurricane Irma left Cuba two days ago, but concerns remain over storm surge, continued rainfall, and the potential impact of Hurricane Jose, which is churning in the eastern Caribbean. Thousands of Cubans living in low lying areas have been assessing damages to their neighborhoods where winds of over 125 miles per hour tore off roofs and blew in rains, flooding many single-story homes. CNN

Recovery Time: Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on just about every corner of Cuba this weekend, prompting Cuban President Raul Castro to order local authorities all across the island to begin recovery efforts yesterday. One silver lining of this storm was that Varadero, Cuba’s most popular resort destination, was largely spared. Today it is inundated not by storm surge but by the 10,000 extra tourists who were evacuated off Cuba’s low-lying keys and relocated there during the storm. Xinhuanet

Cuban doctors to the rescue: In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Cuba has sent more than 750 of its healthcare professionals to assist hurricane survivors in Antigua, Barbuda, Saint Kitts, Nevis, Saint Lucia, the Bahamas, Dominica, and Haiti. While Cuba was also hit hard by the hurricane, sending medical aid to countries in need has been a hallmark of the Cuban Revolution. Independent

Save the dolphins: On Friday, hours before Hurricane Irma came barreling into the northern coast of Cuba, aquarium workers in the barrier island of Cayo Guillermo wrapped six dolphins in wet towels and airlifted them to a safer facility in the province of Cienfuegos. Fox News

Storm Footage: With winds moving up to 185 miles per hour and waves rising several dozen feet, this weekend’s Hurricane Irma was the largest cyclone to hit Cuba in decades. Footage collected for this video shows the storm in action. BBC

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